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I'm teaching ICS 375 Current Events and Movements. Each week students must find and discuss pertinent news items. The class is globally-minded, and each week focuses on certain concerns. For Week 1, the issues are energy and water, with the environment as a related issue. To help the students, I'm using Twitter as a news feed. The World News Feed will be maintained in Blackboard under Course Information, and the two feeds dealing with energy and water will be embedded in the Week 1 Learning Activities.

Family California History and Technology Tour

I taught History of California (HIS 393) summer E2 2014, and at one point during that time the family went on a trip up north to visit missions and Silicon Valley institutions. We eventually ended up in Monterey, wherein we visited one of our favorite attractions (the Aquarium) and saw a number of early California sites. We also saw the water spouts of about four dozen whales!

Turned a PowerPoint into an Adobe Captivate file, and then published as Flash item:

Here are two PowerPoint lectures that I closed captioned using the STAMPP add-on for PowerPoint. This add-on helps present a clean and accurate form of the PowerPoints that expands learning styles:

Here are three Professor's Greetings that I posted on [[#|Blackboard]]. The audio was mixed in Audacity, and the whole video was produced in SocuSoft:

This first post involves finding a good [[#|Web tool]] to aid in the [[#|study]] of the humanities.

I propose the use of Twitter as a humanities news feed. Twitter is important for the following purposes:

  • To help scholars connect to real-time news in the world of the humanities.

  • To aid students in finding topics of interest.

  • To aid synchronous and asynchronous discussion of important concepts and news related to the [[#|study]] of the humanities.

  • To help keep scholars informed about humanities related events.

  • As a substitute for blog reflection.