About the ProgramThe Graphic Design program at CBU/online equips students with a skill-set and an understanding of the influences, principals and technologies in today’s evolving design market. Students will learn current technologies, and work on hand-skills, drawing, compositing, sketching, and finally portfolio presentation. Coursework in typography, communication, idea, and color, will mix with concepts of social awareness and cultural context. The discovery of the student’s own voice and purpose is the underlying goal of the program.
The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media online degree program from California Baptist University positions students for career entry and mobility in the arenas of graphic design, web design, and video and animation fields. This well-rounded degree serves as a solid educational foundation for those students planning to pursue graduate work in related fields. Students emerge from the program with a broad understanding of the principles as well as a marketable set of skills employers seek. Through personal as well as professional development, students are given the tools to confidently enter or move up in the field of graphic design.
The major in Graphic Design and Digital Media provides a variety of courses that prepare students to be competitive in the workforce. The degree is structured to provide a foundation of specific topics in areas including:
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Image
  • Web Design

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In the Graphic Design program at CBU/online, you will have an enriched learning experience with various tools. You will utilize tools to interact with the instructor and your peers. A few examples of tools are:

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