Welcome to the new OPS English Department wiki page! Among other things, this is a space for brainstorming about potential online teaching and learning methods. I am considering the use of Twitter Widgets as a supplemental resource for students, primarily to demonstrate the contemporary relevance of literary texts and authors. This is especially appropriate in relation to authors who may have been dead for a few centuries. Here is a very simple example in relation to Shakespeare. Although it doesn't provide students with scholarly sources and requires contextualization by the instructor, it gives a sense of what is being popularly tweeted in relation to Shakespeare, how frequently people are talking about Shakespeare and related activities, and provides pictures of performances and other elements. This tool has the potential to convey excitement and to show students that they are part of a larger online conversation about the subject of study on many levels, from peer-reviewed scholarly articles to Twitter. One of the interesting elements of this is the examples that show up of people using Shakespeare quotes to relate to their personal experiences, in more or less articulate ways, but always showing personal identification. The number of languages that appear as quoting Shakespeare also form a fascinating visual representation of Shakespeare's global influence.